4 Ways a CRM Solution Can Prove Your Productivity

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3 min readMay 26, 2021


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions help an organization consolidate all customer-related data into a centralized database. Having a CRM can help streamline and automate business processes across your organization.

Whether you’re part of sales, marketing, customer service, or any other position, a CRM solution can assist your role. While there are numerous benefits that can be reaped from an implemented CRM solution, here we share 4 ways in which having a CRM can help your organization save time and be more productive.

Centralized Database

As people, employees tend to store information in their head, both intentionally and unintentionally. With an easy to access hub, such as a CRM solution, employees can log all customer-related data into a central solution. This reduces the time spent flagging down other employees for information. Employees can quickly look up any needed information within the solution, without the need to consult others. With all known customer information consolidated into one spot, you can expect to also better understand your customers. Instead of spending time navigating different platforms for customer data, employees can focus their effort towards pursuing leads or better serving customers. With higher customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer retention, you can ultimately expect a boost in your bottom-line.

Integration to Other Software Solutions

On the other hand, it also reduces the time spent inputting information. With your organization’s systems being able to communicate with each other, there is no longer the need to repeatedly input information into different systems. This also cuts down on duplicate and incorrect data entry. Overall, this can save your employees time spent on doing repetitive and tedious tasks. Furthermore, with clutter free data, there is less time needed to be devoted towards cleaning up systems. Employees can expect to work more effectively and efficiently.

Sage CRM and DocuSign Integration

With many working from home, new business challenges arise. The Sage CRM and DocuSign integration can reduce this headache by allowing your sales contracts, offer letters, and other documents to be signed with ease. You can complete contracts, approvals, and other agreements within minutes. This can significantly streamline business processes, especially if you need a sign-off to commence or continue work. Learn more about our Sage CRM and DocuSign integration today .


CRM solutions often support numerous forms of automation. This can also help streamline business processes and improve productivity for your team. Facets of marketing, customer service, and other pillars can be automated to reduce the need to perform redundant tasks. With the ability to automate daily tasks, employees can spend more time fostering relationships and sales.

Clear Tasks & Initiatives

No longer will employees need to be confused about who is handling what. With a CRM solution that can clearly outline responsibilities, employees don’t need to spend time checking in with others about what they are responsible for. Business processes for various departments can ultimately be streamlined through various available CRM features, such as to-do lists and calendars. The enhanced coordination amongst your team can improve productivity levels.

Sales Pipeline

A benefit of having a CRM solution is the heightened visibility to your organization’s sales pipeline. Being able to know where your customers or prospects are within your sales pipeline can help your team increase efficiency when it comes to pursuing prospects or making sales. Your sales team can know exactly where your customers are, and the next steps required to guide customers through the pipeline and buyer’s journey. It can demonstrate customers that need to be reached out to, followed up with, or even those who are ready to purchase once again. In conjunction with this, CRM solutions support various sales-related automations that can further help save time.


Many organizations, regardless of size, leverage CRM solutions at their organization. As you know, time is money. Among the many benefits that can be reaped, CRM solutions can help save your organization time by enhancing productivity and making communication seamless. An implemented CRM solution can help streamline business processes by reducing the need to perform tedious activities across your organization. Learn more about CRM solutions at BAASS.

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